Our Ethos

Our Ethos

we passionately believe that good health makes great people and great people change the world

We believe that to get the most out of our lives we have to eat well, love well, have fun and contribute to others with a driven passion. We believe that we all have a contribution to make to others. After operating Passion Projects for over two years now, we are proud to be able to quantify our contribution, as so many of our customers contact us to share what we have done to change their health and therefore change their lives. We believe we do this through our passion and our no compromise demand for excellence. 


If you haven't yet heard the buzz, superfoods and protein are valuable nutritional boosts to a healthy diet. They are packed full of amazing wholefood health promoting ingredients that feed every cell of your body, supporting your efforts towards reaching your peak fitness and wellbeing. The decision to add these nutrients to your diet are one thing, but then what has to be considered is how the ingredients are sourced, handled and blended.

Not all powders on the market are the same, regardless of what the labels say. It's our experience that not all companies will go the extra mile to ensure that the quality delivered is the very best possible. At Passion Projects, we go that extra mile because we accept and understand what it takes to demand that quality for our family and ourselves. We search for the best way to deliver quality and make sure that there are no hidden nasty ingredients that are damaging to our bodies. It is in our ethos that we will continue to strive for the best and push all boundaries to achieve this with everything we do.


  • We collaborated with Australia's pre-eminent Bio-chemist, Henry Osiecki to maximize the synergy of nutrients.
  • Sourced the best possible ingredients from responsible and sustainable, raw, organic production wherever possible.
  • Made them taste good.
  • Ensured they dissolved well with only beneficial ingredients- there are absolutely no fillers or surfactants that are commonly used (i.e. chemicals for dissolving).
  • Carefully addressed the nasties list: no damaging cane sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours, gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, yeast, or sodium chloride (salt), GMO, preservatives, stabilisers or emulsifiers or heating by pasteurisation.
  • Made them suitable for food allergies and people on restricted diets (raw, vegan, coeliac, paleo, kosher, diabetics; and included children and pregnancy).
  • Meticulously packaged them in a quality TGA facility (Therapeutics Goods Association) in Sydney by an Australian company.*
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