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Passion Projects is an award-winning supplement company, dedicated to providing organic raw protein & superfood powders, and calcium powders. Our products are plant-based, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians, (even Paleo) with nutritional formulas that are far ahead of most products in the market in terms of nutritional value and manufacturing integrity.
Passion Projects is a superfood online store shipping throughout Australia and overseas from manufacturing in a Sydney TGA facility. Our superfood, protein and calcium ingredients are sourced globally from responsible and sustainable production.


Superfoods are known as nature’s medicine due to their nutrient-density and feature some of the most concentrated forms of the very best nutrients that nature can provide. These nutrients, such as antioxidants and phytonutrients, help to protect and support the health of your body. From boosting energy and improving endurance to detoxing the body, these nutrient dense foods provide an essential supplement to a healthy and balanced diet for anyone wanting to amplify their health and fitness.
Our raw, vegan formulas take advantage of the many benefits of the individual ingredients, which together feed every cell in your body, working to boost daily energy, endurance and vitality, as well as long-term health, beauty and wellbeing.


The hero of our superfoods online range is Complex Green. This raw, organic and non-organic, green blend of superfood nutrients features 81 ingredients, including sprouts such as quinoa and kale; and antioxidant rich berries such as açai and blueberries. Designed to be a broad spectrum formula, this is the product to start your day with – packed with organic protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fibre, fatty and amino acids, and vitamins and minerals – in a base of raw, organic, freeze-dried vegetables and fruits.


Our green superfood organic based powders are also great for anyone looking to detox. Our formulas replenish the nutrients you need so you can cleanse, repair and rebuild all at the same time. In addition, this allows you to maintain (and build) your body’s strength whilst simultaneously cleansing out toxins and helping to shed unwanted weight without harming your body. Our superfood store can help you find a product most suitable for your needs.


Taking protein is an important part of a good fitness, but it’s important to find an organic super food option that suits your lifestyle. We have developed the very first 100% plant-based, 100% Australian Certified Organic, Raw, Vegan Pea Protein+formula with no bad additives or fillers, available in our superfoods online store. Our raw protein foods contain an added formula of multi-minerals, calcium, vitamins D + K1 and K2, known as co-factors, designed to maintain the often overlooked balance between muscle and bone health particularly during periods of heavy training and intake of protein.


Our natural organic protein powder formulas are great tasting, raw, vegan and vegetarian that, unlike other powders, taste great in just water or as protein shakes or smoothies and perfect for anyone and any lifestyle, not just vegans. They are gluten free and are non-GMO, clean and 100% free of solvents, radiation, artificial flavours, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, soy, yeast, wheat or added sugars. We believe this makes our formulas far ahead of most products in the market in terms of nutrition and manufacturing honesty.


Whey protein powder is a popular choice for the guys, however it is important to think about what it actually is and what alternatives are now available. Whey protein powder started as a useful waste bi-product from cheese making. This powder is generally not organic, and is usually combined with lots of ingredients that are not so good in order for it to taste drinkable and become dissolvable, that is, artificial fillers, surfactants, sweeteners, flavours and colours. As whey is dairy and then it is combined with the other bad ingredients the result can be very difficult to digest, leaving it as a drink that is not ideal to be taken non-stop, even though that is the point of taking it. Digestive problems can be a problem that only increases with more use.  Additionally, it can’t be ignored that with digestive problems, there would also be a reduction in amino acid uptake with the result being less bioavailability to the body. Then with undigested food follows bloating, and a blocked digestive tract. This is why we focus on Pea Protein that is made specifically for taking as a protein supplement, and we have chosen one that doesn’t go over 80% extraction as anything over this is extracted chemically. The aim is to make sure that the protein is bio-available, clean, chemical-free, and absorbed in the body exactly where it needs to go, which in the case of our powders, is assisted by the calcium and the other co-factors.


Our super food store features a Multi-Mineral Plant Based Calcium formula that has been designed for people who have a greater need for calcium due to their diet choices, age or exercise regime; advised to take before exercise as it replaces bone loss caused by the performance of normal exercise. Many people are either not eating enough calcium due to dietary restrictions, or they are just not absorbing it correctly. This is where this formula steps in as a necessary addition to your diet and exercise.
It is an often overlooked fact that calcium needs particular vitamin and mineral co-factors (Vitamin D, K1 + K2, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Boron and Trace Minerals) to be absorbed or it can lead to calcification of the coronary arteries and increased heart disease. This is why it must be taken in combination with nutritional co-factors, to be metabolized and absorbed in the correct areas in the body, such as bones and teeth. Not just any form of calcium supplement will do the job!


The GREEN DETOX PROJECT utilises the natural alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients of our green superfood detox and protein powders to give your body a break, improve your digestion and therefore your energy, sleep, immune system, mental clarity, mood, concentration, hair, skin, nails and overall health, as well as reducing pudgy areas and helping you towards a leaner body.

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