Giving to Charities - Supporting Happiness & Peace

Giving to Charities - Supporting Happiness & Peace


Every time you make a purchase you help Passion Projects in association with The Black Dog Institute and The Starlight Children's Foundation support the happiness and peace of mind of thousands of people. A percentage of our profits from online sales will be donated directly to these charities – meaning every time you make a purchase you are supporting them too.

The Starlight Children's Foundation

The Starlight Children's Foundation is dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children (and their families) throughout the country. The Starlight Children's Foundation provides programs to help care for seriously ill children but whilst the health care professionals focus on treating the illness, Starlight focuses on lifting the spirits of the child, giving them the opportunity to feel like a child again. Living with a serious illness not only places an enormous strain on the family and child, but also dominates the life of child so that they often miss out on normal childhood experiences.


In 2013 Starlight was able to grant more than 460 wishes, connected with over 20,000 ill teenagers and reached over 113,000 children in hospital. Some of their programs include granting sick kids wishes that give them and their families once in a lifetime experiences giving them a break from the stress of the illness. Starlight also goes to hospital wards to entertain and interact with the children to give them a sense of fun, joy and laughter.

Visit Starlight Children's Foundation

The Black Dog Institute

We have chosen to support this charity because they believe everyone deserves peace of mind. The Black Dog Institute is a world leading not-for-profit organisation that works with helping individuals with mental illness (focusing on mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder). They are dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by mood disorders through research, clinics and education programs.

1 in 5 people are affected by mental illness in their lives, and depression is the most common. Mood disorders effect people of all ages from all walks of life and place a heavy burden on individuals, families and society. Black Dog is at the head of the pack in mental health work with their unique model that rapidly translates quality research into clinical practices, training, community education, increased accessibility and long-term public health solutions. Black Dog is a dedicated to helping people build a brighter future.

Visit Black Dog Institute

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