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Left to right: Linda, Lynette, Alejandro, Cloe

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We are a passionate group who don't believe in doing things unless they are with love and the right intention. Passion Projects started with the two of us (that is, Lynette and Alejandro de la Vega) wanting to do something that would make a difference in the world. We were successful and busy with so many projects on the go yet at the same time we felt we were on a journey searching for a different contribution.

Then in 2005 our son was diagnosed with dyslexia. He needed the best nutrition possible for his learning to progress. Leading up to this, I was studying the clever protocols of Henry Osiecki, the most respected Biochemist/Nutritionist in Australia, to help me get the most out of my own sport and fitness goals- that is, focusing on being strong, lean and fit.

We jumped at the challenge to help our son and by following Henry's protocol, and witnessed changes in him very quickly. The ingredients that we were blending were making a difference to his learning outcomes and the quality of his life in general. It was so exciting!! He was on his way…. But then we thought, there must be a lot of people that need an easy solution for nutrition but don't have access to the right quality or even know what to take.

Alejandro and I had fused the love of good design and food in all of our businesses over the years, including designing cafes & restaurants like our own much-loved Zigolini's and Trezini's Restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition, I had lived my whole life studying natural therapies and wholefood nutrition. I followed a strong belief that what we ate, did and thought about, made us either sick or healthy.

Why we’re a cut above other organic supplement companies

So we got to work making sure that the ingredients our company’s organic supplements included were the best. We valued quality and integrity and would not compromise. With the inspiration of our son to keep us going we finally launched Passion Projects in 2012. We called our venture Passion Projects as a constant reminder that what we were doing was out of sincere passion. The product name {allyouneedislove} was the best way for us to express what we thought was important in life.

by Lynette de la Vega (Co-founder)

Lynette & Alejandro de la Vega


They fell in love at Architecture School in 1979 and have worked together on so many exciting creative projects around the world since then.

Initially trained as architects, they also have worked as designers and builders across broad design fields, including industrial, product, furniture, interior, boat and graphic design.

Lynette and Alejandro have been driven to change the world just a little with everything that they do. They focus on the detail of every aspect of their work and dive in 100 percent to bring the best quality possible to the customer.

Alejandro & Lynette de la Vega

Henry Osiecki

Henry has been a leading Australian Biochemist/ Clinical Nutritionist for over 30 years with his own Bio-Concepts (Orthoplex) practitioner range of nutritional supplements.

Henry is well known for his ongoing education; his stream of newspaper articles; lectures and radio show and his involvement in so many high-ranking sporting successes (including Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams, gold medalist swimmers, Rugby, Football and Cycling).

Add to this list that fact that his books are standard texts in Naturopathic and Dietetic studies in Australia. Henry has been a cutting edge innovator in the nutritional industry driven by quality and a deep understanding of the synergy of essential nutrients and their pathways to improved health. Henry's protocol for helping Lynette's parents when she was growing up was the inspirational link to working together on a shared passion for quality nutritional solutions.

Henry Osiecki
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