Green Detox - Improve digestion, immune system, energy, overall health

Green Detox - Improve digestion, immune system, energy, overall health



Regularly detoxing and cleansing your digestion is the best thing you can do for you wellbeing and health – digestion uses a huge amount of our bodies energy which is why bad digestion results in:
  • brain fog
  • tiredness
  • low mood
  • allergies
  • headaches
  • general feelings of crappiness
  • constipation/ bloating
  • weight gain/ unable to lose weight/ overweight
So if you suffer from any of the above (or even if you’d just like to keep your body in tune) a detox is the way to go!


The Green Detox Project utilizes the natural alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients of our green superfood and protein powders -- Complex Green, Triple Green and Vanilla Pea Protein-- to give your body a break, improve your digestion and therefore your energy, sleep, immune system, mental clarity, mood, concentration, hair, skin, nails and overall health, as well as reducing pudgy areas and a helping you towards a leaner body. This detox gives your body a break, which is really resetting the relationship you have established over time with food. Taking a break means that you will see what you eat in a new light, but without punishing yourself. 


  • Easily digestible ingredients – to give your body a rest
  • Probiotics, digestive ezymes and chlorophyll - improve digestive function
  • Balanced nutrients
    • Protein - to allow your body to detox yet function at a cellular level and not lose muscle mass
    • Fibre - to help move toxins
    • Calcium - to maintain bone strength
    • Vitamins, minerals and micronutrients - to support brain and body function and clean the organs and blood
  • Resets your body to Alkaline – to prevent cravings for sugar, saturated fats, carbohydrates, alcohol and coffee, which result from having an acidic body (opposite of alkaline)
  • Simple guided eating plan for Lean Days, superfood and protein sachets for Green Days in between. 
  • Choose between 7, 14 and 28 day plans. 


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